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Help my Plex server find a new home!

Help my Plex server find a new home!

NekkiNekki Member
edited December 2016 in Requests

So, OVH's 20% price rise has royally fucked me in fudge tunnel the has made my Plex box unsustainable. It's only a £7ish price hike, but as I'm only running this for friends and family there's a limit and I have to be strict.

The spec of the current server is way OTT anyway, so my minimum requirements are more modest.

CPU: Something that that runs a PassMark in the region of 6k
BW: 100Mb/s
Data transfer: 4TB (first month only), 2TB thereafter
Location: Europe, close to the UK the better, but not actually inside the UK.
IPv4: 1
IPv6: 1 address would be nice to have, not absolutely essential though
Price: £30/$40

Obviously aware of the usual Kimsufi shenanigans but I haven't time to sit there waiting for the right model to become available. can go and fuck themselves.

Let me know what you have!



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