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Should I sell these two Servers or Ship them To Texas

Should I sell these two Servers or Ship them To Texas

CenTexHostingCenTexHosting Member, Provider

I have been kicking it around for a few days now and can't decided on what I want to do so i figured I would ask you guys.

Since we are a Texas based company we have moved all our bigger and new Servers to Texas in our new Racks.

I still have two more servers I can't decided if i even want to ship them here or sell them.

here are the server specs. They are sitting in LA in the Colocation America DC

Dell 2950 Dual Quad E5460
32Gs ram
4 x 500G SSDs raid 10

If it were you what would you do.

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  • I don't even see an E5460 processor made by Intel.

    The closest is the E5462 which uses 80 watts. In a dual configuration that is at least 160 watts just for CPU power. 200 Watts (guessing) per server. So you would need 400 watts for both. That is around 4 to 5 amps.

    4 to 5 amps is going to be pretty pricey, but probably cheaper in Texas. Just remember some hosting companies in Texas have taxes you have to pay for equipment.

  • CenTexHostingCenTexHosting Member, Provider


    here is an example of one for sale.

    Power is not the Issue as we already have our racks and dual power coming in. Just trying to decided if its worth it or not.

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  • NekkiNekki Member

    That's an X5460 mate.

    'Nekki can not stand behind the penis' - Shc on Hostloc

  • Personally I would suggest selling them. Power consumption aside, the X5460 processors (assuming that's correct) are nearly 10 years old and won't even come close to the performance of recent CPUs. The RAM is probably DDR2 which is getting pretty old as well. I think it would be better to save the rack space and invest in a more modern server when the need arises.

  • $7

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  • CenTexHostingCenTexHosting Member, Provider


    That is what I was thinking. All our new servers are Dual E5-2620V4 or E3-1230v5 Just a pain to sell them LOL

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  • If they are X5460s they use 120 watts each. You are looking at 600 watts just for both servers which is 5 amps. You may say "Power is not an issue." but it really is at that level.

    I would honestly sell, but they aren't worth much.

  • $99

  • qpsqps Member, Provider

    I would remove the SSDs and ship those. Donate the servers to charity or send them to be scrapped. They aren't worth the shipping cost.

  • $99.99

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