Managed Windows VPS in at/de

Managed Windows VPS in at/de

clabotakclabotak Member
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Not sure which power (CPU/RAM) is need, enough for windows server with 5 RDP Users making some office tasks incl. a SQL database. Anything starting from prob 80-100Gb Space would be enough, but SSD at least for OS+Tools.

1 IPv4, preferred in at but de goes too.

As I wrote managed, so yeah ddos and more, hw/sw service, backups, ... SMS would be nice but not certainly needed.

Price: up to 50/m is no topic, till 100 possible. Should incl. those 5 RDP CALs (2 are already incl. on some server versions). Billing period doesn't matter.

Up till now I've only found fulfilling that, but then I read about 95% availability - not sure now. Took a look into/write on (but either no man wind. or pricing too extreme): hetzner, netcub, strato, host europe, mdhost, goneo, (no response yet from centron, ipax, dihost, peaknetworks, Some like xtremehosting, edis fell out earlier)


  • WHTWHT Member

    Get something in DE, AT its not cheap and low bandwidth.

  • IkoulaIkoula Provider


    If for no the RDP CALs i think you need to ask for a custom order.

    Thomas - Community manager -

    hyperv vps /-/ xen cloud vm /-/ dedicated servers

  • clabotakclabotak Member
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    @WHT Yeah, I know, but that's requested. And for 5RDP connections even when using VPN/Gateway every usual bandwith will do. But I thought of at least expanding company range to europe, as long as the connection provides low latency. Yet I then have no clue, where to start looking for such hosts.

    @Ikoula yeah, I did and most of the host wrote that the RDP CALs are no problem, would be 5-7€/User+Month extra (so +15-21 if 2 are included).

  • ngstargatengstargate Member, Provider
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    We can provide managed dedicated server:

    CPU: i7
    RAM: 16GB
    HDD: 2 x 2TB Hardware Raid
    B/W: 20 TB
    OS: Windows Server 2012 R2 Standatd Edition (licensed) + 5 RDP CAL


    PrimaHost - Linux and Windows VPS - Germany, France, Canada

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