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Is Cloudflexy reliable?
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Is Cloudflexy reliable?

I'm thinking of getting Netherlands location VPS from Cloudflexy. But, Is Cloudflexy reliable? Would you recommend it? Are virtual servers set up automatically? Thanks.


  • They have 5 days refund, get one and post a review here :D

    netcup 5 euro coupon: 36nc15286737182 36nc15286737183

    Thanked by 1Aidan
  • akatsukiakatsuki Member

    Cheap price but I worry about service

  • hzrhzr Member

    Cloudflexy is scam?

  • ClouviderClouvider Member, Provider

    @akatsuki said: Cheap price but I worry about service

    Good necro.

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  • pencilpencil Member

    I haven’t used it since I bought it, and I’ve been showing that I’m in dispute with paypal. But I do not have paypal controversy. They are a dishonest business!

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