KVM Virtual Servers in ESPOO, FINLAND (Greater Helsinki) / 1Gbps + IPv6 / RAID 10 / $7 only

KVM Virtual Servers in ESPOO, FINLAND (Greater Helsinki) / 1Gbps + IPv6 / RAID 10 / $7 only

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We have some offers in Finland as per LET pricing.

Network and connectivity in Finland:

We value superior network connectivity and performance. That's why we have selected a datacentre that utilises two redundant upstreams - DNA and FNE-Finland. The upstream is highly optimized to ensure best performance and shortest paths. Tier 1 carriers present are TeliaSonera, Level3, GTT etc.

All virtual machines will be connected on a 1Gbps port, you will have the ability to burst to full speed easily.

Our hardware:

We take server performance seriously, and our hypervisor is equipped with E3-1230v5 CPU (latest generation) with 64GB ECC-registered DDR4 RAM. We are also using 4x WD 2TB drives, configured on a RAID-10 LSI hardware-raid array.

KVM Virtual Servers in Espoo, Finland (near Helsinki):

vCPU: 1x E3-1230v5
HDD Space: 20GB RAID 10 Protected
Bandwidth: 1TB on 1Gbps
Dedicated IPs: 1 + /80 IPv6 subnet

PRICE: $7/month with promo code: LETSPECIAL
ORDER NOW - https://www.xhostfire.com/clientarea/cart.php?a=add&pid=114

All other plans located at https://www.xhostfire.com/clientarea/cart.php?gid=32

ToS: https://www.xhostfire.com/terms
Test IPs located at https://www.xhostfire.com/network

We accept PayPal, BTC, credit and debit cards via 2Checkout.


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