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Anyone using Zappie ?

Anyone using Zappie ?

Anyone using : ? Im looking get a VPS ( Indian DC ) would you recommend them ?

Thank you.

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  • MasonRMasonR Moderator

    Definitely would recommend @Zappie. Had a VPS with him a couple years ago when they had their Canada location. Support was always top notch and uptime was great. Don't know about their India location, but I'd imagine you'd be in good hands there too.

  • szarkaszarka Member
    edited November 2017

    Have VPSes from Zappie in NZ and ZA. I'm not using them for production work, but monitoring them via NodePing. Past 30 days uptime for ping is currently 99.764% and 99.663%. I think they're probably very good options for those locations, which are tough to find at LET-friendly prices.

    Edit: It's worth noting that ZA gets monitored by probes outside Africa. So, that reachability figure is better than it might seem.

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  • davidgestiondbidavidgestiondbi Member, Provider

    Really like to work with Adam at Zappie! Really good guy! @Zappie

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  • Zappie once changed the TOS on me without informing me, suspending my vps for running a gameserver (which was allowed by the time of sign-up).

    Support responded quickly to it though, so that's a plus.

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  • what is wrong with game servers ?

  • MasonRMasonR Moderator

    @McLure said: what is wrong with game servers ?

    Tend to use a lot of resources (CPU mostly) and are often large DDoS magnets depending on the game & community hosting the server.

  • @McLure said: what is wrong with game servers ?

    As per their support:

    As you are most probably aware and can understand, having game servers is a a service that is very much prone to incoming attacks and we are happy to be the first to admit that we do not have the infrastructure in place to withstand on going ddos attacks (and we dont claim to either)

    If memory serves me correctly (and I have no way to prove this nor guarantee it) I am pretty confident we added the "no game server" rule in mid april. Reason for saying is is because we had major inbound ddos that was caused due to a game server then and thats when we decided to not allow game server going forward.

    None of my servers were ever a ddos target though.

    Yo mama so fat each of her butt-cheeks has its own /8.

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