Storage solution

Storage solution

Hello mates!

I'm looking for a 3rd location for my backups. Currently I push stuff from my servers to one Herztner box. For this I use borg. However, I use raid 0, so this might blow any time. :)

The plan is to push backups from this Hertzner box to some stable provider for long term storage. I want to avoid storage VPS offers as I don't want to deal with bullshit when there is an outage on provider side i.e deadpool/hypervizor failures/storage array failures etc. Because then I would have to actually restore the storage machine myself. Therefore I'm more open to cloud/object storage. Obviously I know that big players can have outages as well, but I assume they will take care of it more promptly.

Right now I need a storage solution ideally from some big provider that would meet following points:

  • Ideally paid per used GB
  • Supports rclone
  • For now I need around 300GB, but will grow in the future.

Storage VPS offers are accepted only, if the provider maintains backups on their side as well and is known in the community. :)

Thank you very much.



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