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Cheap vps for monitoring (ZABBIX)
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Cheap vps for monitoring (ZABBIX)


I would like a cheap server to use zabbix. I believe that 512-1024MB will serve me (I still do not have many hosts) and that it has a good latency for Brazil (Usually the Miami servers get better)



  • kmaskmas Member

    You could get the smallest Vultr instance (512MB) in Miami for $2.50/m. I've had one of those for over 6 months and no issues so far. Latency to Sao Paulo is around 110-120ms.

  • WSSWSS Member

    I forgot I have two of those spun up of free credits running the LET RC5. They do OK for what they are.

    I won't be back until @bsdguy is released.

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