IPv6 support for OpenVPN server

IPv6 support for OpenVPN server

averroesaverroes Member

Hi there,

I'm looking to implement IPv6 on my OpenVPN server. I'm running Debian 9 on @LiteServer and I've followed the script on Github from Angristan/OpenVPN-install (https://github.com/Angristan/OpenVPN-install)

I've checked and I've assigned the public IPv6 to my server and also I can ping to another IPv6 so from the server side all seems to work just fine, how can I now implement it in the VPN?



  • irmirm Member

    Their wiki seems to have a pretty comprehensive guide. Check it out at https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/wiki/IPv6

  • What sort of ipv6 assignment do you have on the server ? You'll need a separate /64 (or larger) block for openvpn if you want a simple setup. If you are routing /56 or /48 to your host, this becomes pretty simple. However, other than online.net, I don't know if other providers give more than /64.

  • imyunoimyuno Member
    edited July 11

    Follow the "Splitting a single routable IPv6 netblock" guide of the openvpn IPv6 wiki.

  • averroesaverroes Member

    Thank you so much for the guidance, my IPv6 is /64. Would I have to recreate all clients after applying this change to the config on OpenVPN?

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