Looking for KVM VPS with 15GB+ SSD Disk, 2GB+ Ram, max 40 USD/year

Looking for KVM VPS with 15GB+ SSD Disk, 2GB+ Ram, max 40 USD/year

Hi guys,

I'm looking for VPS with following specs:

  • Type: KVM

  • Disk: 15 GB+ SSD or NVMe

  • Memory: 2 GB+

  • Bandwidth: 1 TB+

  • 1 IPv4

  • Location: US and Europe

  • Price: < 40 USD / year

Please suggest me some.

Thanks for help!


  • HostDocHostDoc Member, Provider

    We can do;

    15GB NVMe SSD
    2GB RAM
    4GB Swap RAM
    2TB Bandwidth
    1 IPv4
    1Gbps Network Connection
    Germany Location

    Slightly over budget at £35.99 annually. Contact support if interested as this is a custom plan and will need to be prepared.

    HostDoc Hosting Ltd | Shared/Reseller Hosting | NVMe SSD | [UK][DE]
    KVM VPS | Resource Pool | [UK][FR][FI][CA][DE]

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  • UltraVPSUltraVPS Member, Provider
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    Hi @yakblack,

    we can offer the following:

    Cloud Special-2

    • KVM virtualization
    • 2 GB RAM
    • 2 CPU cores
    • 50 GB redundant SSD storage (ZFS based)
    • 1 TB Monthly Transfer (in+out)
    • 1 IPv4 address
    • 10 IPv6 addresses (from your own /64 IPv6 subnet)
    • Contract term: 12 months
    • Available in Amsterdam (Netherlands), Duesseldorf (Germany), Dallas (USA), London (UK), Los Angeles (USA)

    40 EUR per year incl. VAT (~ 40 USD excl. VAT)


    Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to drop us a mail at [email protected]

    UltraVPS.eu - KVM Virtual Servers starting from 2 EUR/m

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  • YuraYura Member

    Why not Hetzner cloud?

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