Does anyone have experiences with UANode in Sloviansk/Ukraine?

Does anyone have experiences with UANode in Sloviansk/Ukraine?

We rented a dedicated server from them about two months ago. They had a very friendly support in the beginning. Now the server is unreachable (although it is still shown as "active" in the customer area), but there is no support available: Tickets are not being answerd. :-/ Did anyone make similar experiences with them:


  • if you have there phone number than direct call them. or send email to there info address.

  • It looks like they don't have any phone number, skype ect. You can try to find them on forums and contact them. And you can leave review on them, maybe in future it will help some one. Pre Sales Inquiry: [email protected] We offer VPS & Dedicated Servers in Ukraine

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    First of all, LET is not a support desk. Wait for response. Second: Slavanks? Are you kidding me? It's Kyiv hosting. Slovanks too small town for do hosting business.

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    If your marriage is in trouble, go seek proper route. LET cannot assist you with your marriages.

    Morningwoodhosting. Somebody get it now.

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    @Ralph is here. I am having vps with him it's nice now. It had some problems about power sources but it seems now are ok.

    The service is good! And the machine now at least works better than in the past. Tell me what test do you need and I can do it for you

  • jsgjsg Member

    @desperand said: ... Slavanks? Are you kidding me? It's Kyiv hosting. Slovanks too small town for do hosting business.

    Slavyansk is a mid size city of about 120 k inhabitants. And not only -can- one do hosting there but they even have a "major provider" with a very big name ("global data networks") but only one pony for his show, a small DC (70kVA Backup power).

    uanode seems to a another brand or reseller of "" another local Slavyansk player. The whole group hides behind anon. services and their web sites are typically single page sales outlets. I wouldn't expect even a minimum of support.

    Their network is halfway decent though. Mainly HE plus Retn as second back end provider. I guess all they (the a.m. local companies and the DC) really have is a couple of racks with maybe some 100 servers in total pumping a couple Gb through (I assume) a single 10 Gb link, probably via Kharkov. At least my traceroute goes through Retn. Timing is quite acceptable and roughly comparable to Romania.

    Summary: I wouldn't trust them for a second and would never ever host even an unimportant 3rd rate site with a VPS from them.

  • psb777psb777 Member

    I've not used their support lately, but in the last few months, their network has been down for a few times. I don't know if that's due to power outage, but the whole network gets null-routed, including their own website. Outages lasts for hours, if not a whole day, which is why I stopped hosting even unimportant sites with them. That said, I do like their lax AUP (which for example does not forbid "illegal MP3 files"), so I still keep the service.

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