Domain: Auction
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Domain: Auction

Hello LET,

This is my first post/offer in LET section about auction for a domain.

Domain: CDN.DESI

Bid starts: 10$ Increment :5$ Get Instant: 200$ Payment method: Paypal Auction ends:7th April 2016 at 12:00 PM IST [Indian Standard Time]

Thank you.



  • Read the damn rules.

    debian thx

  • AmitzAmitz Moderator
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    Please kindly read the Rules and Guidelines.
    Your domain is not old enough. It was all just a misunderstanding.

    Domain Auctions & Sales
    Auction Start/Reserve price can not be set above $7
    All bids must be public and made in the domain auction topic
    Members can only list 1 domain auction thread per 30 days
    All domain auction threads are set to "sink" after 24 hours so replies no longer bump them to the top of the forum
    Members must have 25 posts and have been registered for 14 days to be allowed to list a domain sale
    **Domain needs to be at least 6 months old**
    A deal is a deal. A failure to actually sell/transfer the domains after having offered them on action will have consequences for you at LowEndTalk. A failure to respond or finish the transaction in a decent matter (or at all) as the highest bidder may also have consequences for you at LowEndTalk.
    We don't hold any responsibility for potential disputes between two parties. Participating in auctions is at your own risk.
    You may only sell domains for a virtual currency if you put up a fixed exchange rate in the initial post. Changing this exchange rate later will have consequences.

    Community Rules | Rules for selling | LET Support Desk
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